Environmental & Sustainable Design

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Environmental and Sustainable Design

At W. AND ASSOCIATES, we strongly believe that we are a part of better future by providing our customers with sustainable design.  Our perspective is to improve the health and comfort in buildings while minimizing the environmental impacts and operating costs.  Our sustainable design has been also balanced with financial feasibility so that projects can achieve their budgets.

W. AND ASSOCIATES masters in sustainable design, which centers on systems integration and optimization, such as high-efficiency equipment integration, intelligent water management, energy management, ventilation control, smart controls, environmental friendly materials selection, etc. These techniques will generate appropriate designs for an individual project that consumes less energy, has carbon footprint deduction, save water usage, gets good health, and has comfortable living.

W. AND ASSOCIATES has valuable experience in designing sustainable design standards domestically and internationally such as TREES (Thai’s Rating of Energy and Environmental Sustainability from Thai Green Building Institute, TGBI.), and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design from The U.S. Green Building Council, USGBC.).