Project & Construction Management

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Project and Construction Management

Concentrating on managing the triple constraints, which comprise of controlling the budget, minimizing the construction cost, and offering superior quality, is our a core philosophy of Project and Construction Management Services.  W. AND ASSOCIATES also provides a full range of consultancy services starting from preconstruction to post-construction phases so that our clients will achieve their purposes.

In addition, we are certain that making our clients’ business better is our main objective in project and construction management services.  In order to accomplish our mission, besides following our principle, we integrate seamless communication to other parties.  We always think in advanced before we consult make decision.  As a result, we can draw realistic and effective project scheduling and planning to our clients.


   Project and Construction Management

  • Project Management Services
  • Construction Management Services
  • Quantity Surveyor Services
  • Cost Estimation and Cost Analysis Services